Copy Writing

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriters cover so many aspects of businesses these days, from writing the content for your webpage and social media to writing professional letters.

Purple Biz has a history in Business Consulting, so we love working with your professional letters and emails, making them fit your tone of voice and match your professional brand.

We can structure blog posts for your business allowing you to continue to have your webpage and your social media channels up to date with the current industry information.

Purple Biz can structure words for your business – not just a once off, but in consultation with scripting, editing/proofing, social media and your documentation/processes.


Have you got a need to sit down and work out your Business Plan?

What about your Marketing Plan, Business Development Plan or even your Social Media Calendar?

All of these things are the tedious elements of running a business, but they’re the things that Purple Biz strives to work with.

We love discussing your SWOT analysis and how to mitigate your Weaknesses and Threats. We love being your soundboard.

We have a passion for all things Work Health and Safety, and are happy to review your Safety Management Plans, discuss and structure your Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and offer solutions to your risks in the workplace.

Do you have a need for templates to go out to all your customers? Terms and Conditions? Extensive quotations? All of these documents can be set up so you can easily drop the required information into them without delay and send them to your clients. Setting up these business processes will help save you time that you can spend with your clients.

Script Writing

Purple Biz enjoys working with others in their scriptwriting journey. If it’s a television show, a feature film or even a short film, contact us to discuss your needs.

Editing / Proofing

Congratulations, you’ve finished that document that you’re going to publish, but you’ve been over it so many times, you’re not even sure you’ve spelt the business name correctly? Right?

Having a third-party review these documents means you have a fresh set of eyes that can make sure that there’s no grammar or spelling errors, but we can also do a structural edit to see if the tone of voice has remained the same throughout the document. Maybe you’ve needed to make sure that all the elements have remained consistent throughout the document as well.

At Purple Biz, our favourite thing to edit/proof is that amazing menu that you’ve just collaborated with your chef, and you can’t wait to share these amazing dishes with your customers. Having a structural proof and edit throughout the menu makes sure that every thing is consistent and you’ve not left anything out that your customer needs to know.

Video / Podcast scripting

Video is the new big thing with Social Media and with the booming increase in Podcasting within Australia, we’re happy to sit down and structure your voice for these two mediums to help you achieve the results you want.

Podcasting includes your Intro and Outro, which we can sculpt to your natural tone of voice and yet make it punchy and inviting to listen to your podcast.

Video means that your customer’s get to see all of you, not just the flashy Instagram photos that you post, but who you really are as a business owner, and these days, this is the point of difference with your market.

We’re happy to help you script the 30, 60 or 90 second video to showcase your business and products/services.

Social Media

Purple Biz has so many creative talents in their tool kit, and another one of them is looking at the social media designs that you can use.

 Working with programs like Canva, we can personalise your Social Media posts to meet your needs.

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